01 – Games that test your Katakana

01 – Games that test your Katakana

On September 29, I pushed out an update on JPN Burst that focuses on two mini-games. These two mini-games will test how well you know your Katakana.

Is there such a thing as too many mechanics? I don’t think so!

SNAKE/スネーク: You type the card in the direction you want to go in. It’s the second hardest minigame because you need to know all of Hiragana and Katakana by heart. You can’t afford any typos and you have to be constantly looking at least two directions at once.

NUMPAD: This is the easiest minigame, but it’s also the most punishing. If you’re speeding through cards, you can accidentally hit the wrong card. The idea on the paper included different rule sets like “You have to match this kana’s group” and “You have to match the ones, not in this kana’s group.”

I’m sure there are ways to improve the two minigames. I want to reward the player for playing exceptionally well. At the moment, all cards only reward the player by offering exp, in-game currency, and remembering how long it took for them to beat it. Maybe something like a power-up.

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