15 Coolest Electric Scooter Accessories You Need to See

15 Coolest Electric Scooter Accessories You Need to See

Some electric scooter accessories are built to make the rides safer, swifter, and more enjoyable for all the scooter enthusiasts out there. Hence, here’s a video on the coolest electric scooter accessories you need to see before you decide to shed some dollars.

Electric Scooter Accessories List: (Affiliated)

0:00 – Introduction

00:27 – 15. Lumos Kickstart Lite
Link: https://geni.us/LumosKickstart

01:01 – 14. Pealock 2
Link: https://geni.us/Pealock2

01:31 – 13. Proviz Triviz
Link: https://geni.us/ProvizTriviz

01:57 – 12. Divoom Sling Bag
Link: https://geni.us/DivoomBag

02:26 – 11. Knog Oi Classic
Link: https://geni.us/KnogOi

02:54 – 10. ROCKBROS Scooter Storage Bag
Link: https://geni.us/RocbrosScooterStorage

03:23 – 9. Roadwarez Street Warrior
Link: https://geni.us/RoadwarezStreetWarrior

03:55 – 8. Polar Plug
Link: https://geni.us/PolarPlug

04:18 – 7. Electric Air Compressor 1S
Link: https://geni.us/MiAirCompressor1S

04:50 – 6. Shredlights SL-1000
Link: https://geni.us/ShredSL1000

05:16 – 5. NoCry Professional Knee Pads
Link: https://geni.us/NoCryKneePad

05:45 – 4. TOPEAK ALiEN S
Link: https://geni.us/TopeakAlienS

06:11 – 3. WingLights 360
Link: https://geni.us/WingLights360

06:42 – 2. Blue Armor-Dilloz Extreme
Link: https://geni.us/BlurArmorDillozExtreme

07:09 – 1. REFLECT360
Link: https://geni.us/HEOKx3Z
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**Pealock: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgU5gnv4pcn57OJpDWcSiFQ/featured
**Lumos Helmet: https://www.youtube.com/c/LumosHelmet/featured
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