We love lifehacks that are will ease your life. That’s why we prepared a collection of toothpaste lifehacks you haven’t seen before. Watch our video and you will be totally surprised!
Toothpaste is not only a cheap and perfect cleaner for your teeth and could be used to clean everything from bathroom to the kitchen. Besides, you can use toothpaste as a beauty product. Wait for what? Yes, toothpaste could be used to combat acne and pimples. Simply apply it and continue applying for a couple of days and your skin will be clear. Need to exfoliate nose? “Clean” your nose using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Dry and chapped lips? Exfoliate easily them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
Moreover, you can use toothpaste to strengthen your nails and to speed up growing. Use it for a couple of weeks and you will have perfect nails.
Find unexpected ways to use toothpaste:
– mix toothpaste and WD-40 to clean marker marks
– make a stress ball from easily available materials. All you need is a balloon and the toothpaste to put in
– clean eyeglasses using toothpaste
– get rid of embarrassing armpit stains using a toothpaste
– toothpaste is extremely helpful to get rid of bad odors especially when you touch fish or garlic
– you can use Cola and toothpaste to clean your bathroom easily and quickly
– Toothpaste is a cheap and fast way to clean iron. Cover iron with toothpaste and clean with a wipe
– Clean your sneakers using toothpaste
– Defog your mirror in the bathroom using toothpaste

Prank your friends! Melt and chocolate bar you like, we chose Snickers and fill clean toothpaste tube with it. Have fun together!

01:54 DIY stress ball
05:30 How to clean an iron
06:44 Forget about acne
07:33 Use toothpaste to clean a pan
09:05 Exfoliate lips with toothpaste
11:16 How to clean sneakers

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