Best 15 Quotes about Phone | Amazing Quotes | Soul Quotes

Best 15 Quotes about Phone | Amazing Quotes | Soul Quotes

Explore our evergreen collection of finest quotes about Phone that were compiled by our erudite team of experts. This video contains quotes by such bright minds as Marisha Pessl, Natsuki Takaya, Enock Maregesi.
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Life sayings and quotes add particular flavor to all your actions. Each of the beautiful quotes about Phone in this video will change your ways of living and thinking by changing your attitude towards Phone. Our deep powerful quotes will put your mind to work and let you see your daily tasks differently.

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The 15 smartest quotes about Phone:

1) Not returning phone calls is the severest form of torture in the civilized world.
― Marisha Pessl

2) There comes a time in a man’s life when he hears the call of the sea. If the man has a brain in his head, he will hang up the phone immediately.
― Dave Barry

3) Maybe I should call Aaya!(Shigure)
If you call him..(Yuki)
I’ll make you eat that phone.(Kyou)

-Shigure-san,Yuki-san, Kyou-kun Shoma
― Natsuki Takaya

4) There is no such thing as a good call at 7 AM. It’s been my experience that all calls between the hours of 11 PM and 9 AM are disaster calls.
― Janet Evanovich

5) When you chronically interrupt your time with whom ever you’re with to answer your phone/text you are saying that the caller is more important.
― Jayce O’Neal

6) And no you’re not that important that you must always dismiss your current company to answer whomever is on the phone. Seriously, you’re not.
― Jayce O’Neal

7) It’s easier for a rich man to ride that camel through the eye of a needle directly into the Kingdom of Heaven, than for some of us to give up our cell phone.
― Vera Nazarian

8) The only thing nicer than a phone that didn’t ring all the time (or indeed at all) was six phones that didn’t ring all the time (or indeed at all).
― Douglas Adams

9) In case you’re not bright enough to figure it out, there’s a real upside to having a sinner like me answer your phone. I lie, and your conscience stays clear.
― Susan Elizabeth Phillips

10) My phone is on my bed, whispering in my ear like a bottle of scotch to a recovering alcoholic, while the rain continues cackling at me through my window.
― Katja Millay

11) Fame and fortune are calling. Are we taking the call or blocking the number?
― Nicole Richie

12) all those nights with the phone warming the side of my face like the sun.
― Warsan Shire

13) If I had my phone with me, I could try to call her, but I’m not sure my calling plan covers interdimensional roaming.-Camedon
― Emily Hainsworth

14) Tunapenda kuamini kwa sababu kuamini hurahisisha mambo… Usiamini. Jua.
― Enock Maregesi

15) I shouted into the phone, but there was no reply. Silence floated up from the receiver like smoke from the mouth of a gun.
― Haruki Murakami


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