Cool ideas for Gates on Challenging Driveways

Cool ideas for Gates on Challenging Driveways

Grant shares videos of driveway gate projects that he and others have done that are a bit different from ordinary gates with lots of handy ideas for those wanting to install a driveway gate and have a difficult driveway. Gates included are: Telescopic Sliding Gates, Trackless Bi-folding gates, Rising (lifting) Swing Gates, Cantilevered sliding gates, round the corner sliding gates, driveway gates on sloping ground and driveway gates in limited space.

For more information on just about anything to do with automatic gates and things related see Grant can design a gate for you providing workshop drawings for a local fabricator and installer.

For Australian viewers who also may want to have a gate made or buy related products such as a motor for a gate Grant has a business in Australia making and installing automatic driveway gates and selling related products.


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  1. Maria Otávia Duarte Cunha Freitas on September 8, 2022 at 3:03 am

    Thank you very much for this video and for your comments!

  2. NorthWest Gaming on September 8, 2022 at 3:05 am

    Gate maker here and have seen these offset bottom hinged gates before, but where do you get them. Here in the mountains of Southern oregon that would very handy.

  3. Erik Somoroff on September 8, 2022 at 3:09 am

    Love this. Looking to install a gate on a driveway that slopes up about 20 degrees I can slide or swing. Don’t want dogs to be able to push open (3 Great Danes)

  4. Dremmett on September 8, 2022 at 3:10 am


  5. Ted Shaneyfelt on September 8, 2022 at 3:11 am

    I’m looking for some uphill gate hinges. Some hinges say they are not for use with automatic openers, but I want to make it open automatically. My gate will be wrought iron 14 feet wide (nominal), and the driveway goes up 7 1/2 degrees.The gate comes powder coated already so I’d prefer to bolt it on somehow rather than welding if that is advisable. (Alternatively it would have to open outward into the roadway a bit but it’s on a corner or T so that might be workable.) What would you use?

  6. 止戈 on September 8, 2022 at 3:11 am


  7. TheGoodvideoclips on September 8, 2022 at 3:15 am

    Hello .
    The bi-fold gate at 4:25 is very interesting .
    I have only ever seen automatic bi-fold gates With a swing arm motor like what you have shown .
    Is there a reason why people don’t use under ground motor drives on bi-fold gates ?

  8. BABYiylahLOVE on September 8, 2022 at 3:17 am

    Where are you based in Australia please?

  9. Hassan Kaveh on September 8, 2022 at 3:19 am

    Great ideas.
    I have the up slope driveway in my house and no one yet has been able to come up with a solution.
    How do I contact you?

  10. Choois C on September 8, 2022 at 3:20 am

    I need one please 🥺😜🤣

  11. Mugisha Sudais on September 8, 2022 at 3:20 am

    I real love your videos and your presentation.plz drop me your email I need some advice from u about same issue. Thnx

  12. Raju Lg on September 8, 2022 at 3:24 am


  13. DonTruman on September 8, 2022 at 3:24 am

    Cool video and projects. Gates sure can be challenging when space is tight. Am up against that right now, which is what led me to this video. But these ideas all seem geared towards folks with big bucks, and that’s not me.

  14. fukoff on September 8, 2022 at 3:25 am

    I would like to do the underground gate model, because I’d like the gate to be +10ft tall. & I would like to make the underground mechanism or electronics accessible.

  15. Kevin Mann on September 8, 2022 at 3:29 am

    Really appreciated the presentation 👌 tried to contact you re the garage gate upswept offset hinge but says my email is not valid. Won’t accept my normal email

  16. Rifky Ramadhan on September 8, 2022 at 3:29 am

    How if electricity run out ?

  17. G Young on September 8, 2022 at 3:30 am

    A lot of great ideas for driveway gates. Thanks!

  18. Afzal Mansuri on September 8, 2022 at 3:32 am

    Hi Grant,

    Nice video. Unbelievable installations.
    Could you please advise if possible?
    I have installed a double swing gate and have a stopper in the middle of the driveway which itself is a hazard.
    Does the TDA ZK300DC motor really needs a stopper? Can’t it be programmed/ limit switch adjust to stop automatically?

    Also, there is a bit of play when gate is closed. I guess a skinny person can enter just pushing it.
    Would appreciate your comments. Thanks mate.

  19. Juan O on September 8, 2022 at 3:33 am


  20. Lupe Telles on September 8, 2022 at 3:33 am

    I am having a self opening metal gate installed at my house for security purposes. It will be solid as to not be able to look in. The gate will be about 25 feet long with a height of 6 feet. I would like to know if I will have problems with the weight? What do you recommend? Thank you.

  21. Debra Conomy on September 8, 2022 at 3:33 am

    Very very clever.

  22. David Deprez on September 8, 2022 at 3:41 am

    None of the gates comply to the machine directive, all gates must have a safety edge system, with a force test certificate. All very dangerous.

  23. David Manosalvas-Kjono on September 8, 2022 at 3:43 am

    I have a hillside gate, similar to the fifth one you are showing. I would like to install a gate opener, but I am not sure which kind would work for it. Do you have any recommendations or advice?

  24. Scott Salazar on September 8, 2022 at 3:44 am

    hey I own a gate company in oklahoma USA let me come work with you for a month.

  25. Tom Ayr Scotland on September 8, 2022 at 3:46 am

    Hi I am working on a set of Lifting hinges, Just a basic set" my Blacksmithing skills are fine regarding making the hinges. But watching you video has given me better ideas. Like yourself i have to work out the maths. a good video though.

  26. Sankar Ayilam on September 8, 2022 at 3:46 am

    Superb 👌

  27. MIKE on September 8, 2022 at 3:47 am

    Hi thanks for the video lots of information. Found your video doing research. I fabricate and install gates/gate openers. I done telescopic sliding gates and bifold swing. but never tried uphill swing gate. Any tips on designing the hinges. I only know that the lower hinge needs to be offset but what needed for the top hinge and the gate motor like an FAAC 415.

  28. Christian Abalogu on September 8, 2022 at 3:49 am

    Thanks my big brother ❤

  29. may phan on September 8, 2022 at 3:50 am

    My single open gate is not closed properly please advise tks

  30. Anonymous Person on September 8, 2022 at 3:51 am

    Wow! Epic talent! Bravo!

  31. Em Rey on September 8, 2022 at 3:51 am

    Great video thanx for the ideas and imput!

  32. Ali G on September 8, 2022 at 3:52 am

    I wanna make a fan gate but where do you start? lol

  33. MyFence Company MyFence Company on September 8, 2022 at 3:53 am

    This is amazing!!

  34. russkielol on September 8, 2022 at 3:54 am

    Some cool gates

  35. The Dollar Store Artist on September 8, 2022 at 3:55 am

    These gate ideas were excellent! I am figuring out how to put a gate to my upward sloping driveway and this video has helped me think way outside the box on how to do it!

  36. Stacey Brown on September 8, 2022 at 3:56 am

    Great Ideas for uniquely situated areas. I have a similar issue and would greatly appreciate some creative assistance!!!

  37. Kevin LaStair on September 8, 2022 at 3:57 am


  38. Peter Welson on September 8, 2022 at 3:58 am

    Great video! Sadly you’re not based in Sydney but your website is so informative! Do you know anyone or company makes and installs the gate at 8.35 and if you think if it’s practical and doesn’t vibrate causing noise during a windy day? What would the name of that gate be? Thanks

  39. Cathy Ellsworth on September 8, 2022 at 4:00 am

    A bi-fold vinyl gate in the Freedom Brighton style for a driveway entrance. Finding the correct wheels and hinges for 6’x6′ panels and how to install them is tricky. Do you have any tips?

  40. Terry Laverack on September 8, 2022 at 4:00 am

    Love the grey tilting gates – Look great

  41. Barry Brady on September 8, 2022 at 4:00 am

    Excellent very helpful tips from co cork ireland

  42. Jo Gardner on September 8, 2022 at 4:02 am

    Hi I am looking for a set of gates, aluminium picket that will open like a boom gate. Can you help me please?

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