eBay Tips and 20 Cool and Cheap Electronics, Cables, and Other Accessories.

eBay Tips and 20 Cool and Cheap Electronics, Cables, and Other Accessories.

Here is some great eBay Tips on how not to get scammed and how safe eBay really is. Also, 20 Cool and Cheap Electronics, Cables, and Other Accessories. Subscribe and comment(:

Items Shown In Order:
1. Audio Extension Cables
2. USB Extension Cables
3. HDMI/AV Cables
4. Retractable Aux Cable
5. Phone Chargers/Accessories
6. Universal Laptop Chargers
7. Webcams available in different types/colors
8. Full Size Camera Tripods
9. Speaker set for Desktop/Laptop Computers
10. Wireless USB computer mouse
11. USB Gaming Controllers(SNES Is shown)
12. USB Flash Drives
13. Micro SD/SD cards and adapters
14. External Hard Drives(1Tb Toshiba Canvio is shown)
15. Earbuds and Headphones(skullcandy is shown)
16. All purpose Speaker Wire
17. Computer Monitors(23″ Acer LED is shown)
18. Cell Phones(Clean ESN’s)
19. Replacement laptops screens/iPod Glass
20. Soldering Equipment Kit

I am NOT responsible for any transactions you make on eBay or whatever you purchase online. Please take responsibility in double checking and making sure that what you do is completely safe as I explained. The main purpose of this video is to teach you on how eBay can be very safe. No advertisement for any product is intended.


  1. Counterhitcombo on May 11, 2022 at 8:17 pm

    If you spent 1000 bucks offline on random shit, Unless ebay gives you 1000 bucks and the merchandise you would have bought in store the 200% doesnt make sense. Something can grow over 100% but it’s kinda hard to save/subtract more than 100% cause 100% is well 100% of the product/money. You can profit 200% but not save 200% 100% off is free.

  2. Aaron Klaman on May 11, 2022 at 8:31 pm

    ass hole how can people need to start some where. "dont buy unless more then 50 sales" how do they get there if you never buy you know nothing about ebay

  3. sayrejacob383 on May 11, 2022 at 8:48 pm

    Do you realize how many Chinese fakes come off Ebay? It sucks. The hassle with the customer support is not even worth it.

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