Electronic Express Incident 5 18 2020

Electronic Express Incident 5 18 2020

Update on 5-20-2020 Dylan the Electronic Express Assistant Store manager took care of the issue he was very nice and offered me a 2 year extended warranty. I accepted and I will say that Dylan and the way he treated me is exactly the way a customer is suppose to be treated you offer a resolution to the issue not make it worse.Great Job Dylan!

This Video is after the Electronics Express Manager Denied me a refund 3 hours after I Purchased a Xbox One X and was told that I could get refund based on the information below. I started filming about 15 minutes after arriving at the store and the store manager decided that he did not want to give me refund because I told Taylor that when he puts someone on hold that he should let them know. The store manager said he did not like my attitude and therefore will not give me my refund I told him that I was not leaving until I get my refund. I stood there in the store for over 45 minutes until the store closed and the manager still did not give me my refund he called the police and banned me from the store. Saying I threatened his employee and cussed him out ( all that was said to his employee was when you put some on hold let them know dont do that shit) thats not a threat and that is not cussing anyone out. The Store manager never said I am sorry for the fact that Taylor gave you the wrong information never tried to fix the issue. Terrible Customer Service!

I purchased an Xbox one X Refurbished for full price $299 + tax here in Tullahoma,TN 37388 at the Electronic Express Store Today 5-18-2020 I was told by Taylor a floor associate “my bad” as if that fixes the issue for the fact that I asked multiple times what the warranty that the warranty on the Xbox One X is and he said 1 year the standard warranty for a Xbox after getting home and starting to set it up for my son I read the Product and Regulatory Guide that came in the box which in turn says that the warranty is actually for 90 days which is unacceptable who buys a Xbox at full price with a 90 day warranty when the non refurbished xbox is the same price with a 1 year warranty? No One the whole point in my purchasing the Xbox was because I was told I would be getting the standard warranty of 1 year . I then asked to speak to a manager and Taylor said that the manager is with some 1 and could wait or give him my call back number I said I would wait and after almost 10 minutes of waiting someone calling themselves Michael ( the floor manager) picks up and rudely tells me that they did not know that the warranty was 90 days and its there bad and also that there is nothing else they can do accept sell me a 2 year warranty for $29.99 or give me a refund I let him know that Its the only xbox in town everyone else is sold out and all I want is my year warranty as I was told I would have he kept rudely trying to interrupt me telling me that all he can do is give me a refund. I recorded the conversation with Michael for proof of converstation. I asked Taylor twice if the warranty was for a year he kept telling me yes, its not my fault that he did not check to make sure . if this how electronic express treats there customers after this I will no longer shop there.This Situation needs to be fixed.


  1. Eric Young VFX on June 6, 2022 at 9:40 pm

    I worked at electronic express their goal is literally: to get the customer to walk with spending the maximum amount of money spent. Truths do NOT matter, you do NOT tell the TRUTH…. They are the scummiest company on earth bro. They fire entire staffs and crews when sales go down or they find out a store is telling the TRUTH.

  2. timothy loayza on June 6, 2022 at 9:45 pm

    I know what u mean, i used to work for electronic express and some of the managers and dms refuse to get a refund unless it was a controversial issue or item

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