Electronic Shelf Label ( E.S.L ) for Retail Business – Presented by ARKSCAN.COM

Electronic Shelf Label ( E.S.L ) for Retail Business – Presented by ARKSCAN.COM

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital product labels or tags that display price, inventory and product name. This is done by synchronizing a Point of Sale (POS) register’s product information wirelessly in real time. Just a keystroke away, retail stores with ESL capability can fully analyze and optimize their sales activity, profitability, productivity and flexibility. Internationally, retailers are rapidly implementing the ESL as part of the solution for the integration of offline, online, logistics and data in a single chain. The most common ESL adopters are supermarket, grocery, liquor, pharmacy, fashion, electronic retailer and stores that change product prices on a daily or weekly basis. These businesses will profit from ESLs numerous benefits.

Why Arkscan’s ESL?

Reliability: Automates price update, self-monitoring operation of ESL in real time, predict failure of ESL device, high security encryption wireless protocol and the battery life lasts for five years or more.

Easy to use: Change prices of product in a few key strokes and price updates immediately, ESL display never goes down, continuous operation even when battery is out, extremely easy to install.

Flexibility: Automatically change wireless channel to tune up transmission performance, customizable content template for each SKU, support most languages, support different operation systems, many different accessories to meet all retail’s needs.

Extensibility: The ESL system was designed to automate tedious routine task, scale up business operation and extend your physical store to an online store so that customers are able to purchase online; ESL is compatible with our artificial intelligence engine to manage product prices seamlessly with your business strategy.

Visit us at http://www.arkscan.com/ESL for more detail.

Arkscan, LLC’s headquarter is in New York City.


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