Helmet Bridge – Agilite

Helmet Bridge – Agilite

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The Agilite Helmet Bridge™ is a one size fits all helmet accessory management system.

The days of bare helmets are over. Special operations and elite Law Enforcement personnel are issued numerous helmet accessories including NVG battery packs, counterweights, IR strobes, cables and more. The more accessories we put on our helmets, the harder it is to keep our gear organized, safe and secured.

The Helmet Bridge™ is a one size fits all complete solution for attaching, protecting and securing all helmet accessories and gives gives your helmet extra surface protection

The universal rear pod expands horizontally and vertically to fit all common NVG battery packs, counterweights and has strategically placed exit holes for all cables. The semi-rigid design gives your rear accessories and helmet impact protection. It also has a lower stow area for comms and PTT cables when not in use. In addition, there are external elastic loops for storing either double A or CR123 Batteries.

The central bungee retention system features military grade, polymer retention beads to strap down, secure and protect your IR strobes, cameras and anything else you’re running on top of your helmet.
Helmet accessories are expensive and important, and we do not want them getting damaged or falling off mid mission. In addition,The bungee system provides cable management for your night vision.

Unlike other helmet attachments that only sit only on the outside of the helmet, the rear of the Bridge has loop tabs that feed into the helmet’s internal velcro loop, bracing it strongly from the rear. The front “wings” lock down the front of the bridge creating a rock solid platform. The wings can also be removed for a sturdy but more streamlined look.

The Bridge also allows you to don and doff all expensive helmet accessories as one connected unit. This makes it easy to transfer all your gear from helmet to helmet and is especially useful if you are in a location that is prone to equipment theft.

The Bridge will fit any tactical helmet with external velcro. If you don’t have external velcro on your helmet, you can pick some up at any hardware or homewares store.

No matter what helmet you are running or what gear you’re running on top of it, the Helmet Bridge will keep it more organized, more secured and better protected.


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    Agilite should carry helmets

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    do you have tactical/ballistic helmet??

  4. Todd Pete on October 6, 2022 at 5:13 am

    love my bridge

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    Had for a month and the bridge stopped sticking to my helmet.

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    works great in Tarkov

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    What I need is a mask. I’m a nurse from California. I met you. I’m Aaron’s mom. I need a mask like something to keep my patients kooties from crawling up my nose.

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