How Much Bacteria Is On Your Phone | LAB EXPERIMENT REVEALED | How To Disinfect Phone | 2018

How Much Bacteria Is On Your Phone | LAB EXPERIMENT REVEALED | How To Disinfect Phone | 2018

Bacteria On Phone | How To Clean Bacteria From Phone | Germs On Mobile Phone | How Dirty Is Your Phone | Disinfect Cell Phone

Hey all, in this weeks video we visited Dr Isreb at the University of Bradford School of Pharmacy to see what bacteria are on my phone, toilet seat and skin! Watch the full video to see what we found…

Let’s admit it, in this day and age, we go everywhere with our smartphone. It is our friend, philosopher, guide and so much more! We practically live with it 24×7 but how many times do we clean it? Our phone is perhaps one of our dirtiest possessions with bacteria all over it.

Research has varied on just how many germs are crawling on the average cell phone, but a recent study found more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies on the phones of high school students. Scientists at the University of Arizona have found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

Human skin is naturally covered in microbes that don’t usually have any negative health consequences, and that natural bacteria, plus the oils on your hands, get passed on to your phone every time you check a text or send an email. It follows that most of the organisms found on phones are not pathogens that will make you sick.

Normally I’m not so anti-bacteria, I don’t believe that we should be killing bacteria all the time as there are such things as good bacteria but in this case sanitise your hands and your phone. But some bacteria should concern you which you can get from simply touching an unclean surface and then transferring it to your phone.

Studies have found serious pathogens on phones, including Streptococcus, MRSA and even E. coli. Just having these microbes on your phone won’t automatically make you sick, but you still don’t want to let them enter your system or someone who has a weekended immune system.

Viruses can also spread on phones if one person is sick with strep throat or influenza and coughs on their cell phone before handing it off to a friend.

Still, the best advice has more to do with you than the phone. Wash your hands several times a day, the experts say, and you’ll likely be just fine.

Here’s a really useful video on how to wash your hands properly by the NHS:

One of the worst places to use your phone is in the bathroom. When toilets flush, they spread germs everywhere, which is how phones end up with faecal bacteria like E. coli. Taking a cell phone into the bathroom and then leaving with it is kind of like going in, not washing your hands and then coming back out, It’s the same level of concern.

We tested both cleaning methods in the lab with Dr Isreb and they were both effective at reducing the bacteria on my phone.

Cleaning Method 1 (Safe Daily Cleaning Method),
Just wipe your phone and buttons with a soft clean microfiber cloth, which will remove many of the germs.

Cleaning Method 2 (Once Weekly Deep Clean),
I’ve started to use this his method once a week and it hasn’t damaged my phone. Please note however it may damage the protective coating on your screen so do it at your own risk.

What you will need:
• Bottled water or distilled water
• 70% isopropyl alcohol
• 1 Mini spray bottle
• 1 Clean microfiber or lint-free cloth

Step 1: Fill a spray bottle halfway with distilled or bottled water.
Step 2: Fill the other half of the bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
Step 3: Screw the cap back on and shake the bottle to mix the solution.
Step 4: Lightly spray the solution on a clean microfiber cloth and rub it all over your entire phone — especially those buttons!

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