How to Get Cheap Internet in 2021

How to Get Cheap Internet in 2021

Getting cheap internet is easier than you think. I used to sell services for Comcast, Charter, and Verizon, to name a few. Here are the hacks you can use to keep your bill low.

Buy your own equipment!
Motorola is what Comcast uses: pays for itself in less than a year!
Netgear has a cheaper one but not as powerful:
Get this one if you have a triple play: (Yes, it’s more expensive but you really have no choice in this matter)
This router will be great for most:

– First, know this. No company needs your social. So stop giving it to them! The only thing you’re doing it making it harder for you to keep getting good deals. Furthermore, you open yourself up to the risk of them putting stuff on your credit if for whatever reason you can’t pay, or they lose your equipment! Yes, they lose your equipment or “forget”, to check in the fact you’ve turned it in, and now the burden is on you to prove that you actually turned in your equipment. (Hope you kept the receipt!) Those things are expensive too. For a cable box it can be up to $1,000 and they put that stuff on people’s credit all the time even though the person turned it in and turned it in on time.

– Always stay in a promotion. When the promotion is up, cancel, and put it in someone else’s name. So armed with the fact you know you don’t have to give them your social, you can put the thing in anyone’s name. Now some companies like Comcast have tried to stop this as of late and if the disconnecting of services and reconnection happen all the same week they may ask you for a lease in the next person’s name. So, you’ll need a lease showing the new person’s name.

If they’re hip to this and are giving you problems, just go with another company for 30 days. All of these companies have a 30 day money back guarantee, although this can change whenever they feel like it, but I THINK it’s law. So within 30 days you can cancel for any reason and get your money back. So just do that and then go back to the other company or keep the new one.

These companies rarely compete with each other, so you usually won’t find two dominating companies in the same area. You might be able to get Verizon and Comcast, or even Google. So if you do live in one of these areas, you can just cancel one service and get the new one hooked up and when that promotion is done, switch back, and keep doing it.

– Don’t believe them when they tell you, you have to sign a contract. YOU DON’T. Just simply tell them, “I don’t want to sign a contract”. It is usually always the same deal, but of course they want you to sign a contract because it keeps you locked in longer and paying more. The contracts are usually always longer than the promotion period, so you’ll sign a 2 year contract, but the promotion is only for 1 year, leaving you with 1 year of high payments. Don’t do that.

Never sign contracts if possible, not for anything unless the contract benefits you. Always leave yourself open to the option of freedom, and being able to switch, cancel, or modify a service or product when you want.

– Never rent their equipment! It’s ridiculously expensive. So, let’s say you’re going to enter into a deal where the promotion is 1 year. If you’re paying $13/mo to rent the modem, that’s $156 (plus tax) that you’ve paid for the equipment. Just spend the $156 and buy your own modem and router. It’ll be brand new, and you can keep it forever and use it with any other cable company.

– Don’t get the triple play or the home security they offer. You likely have a cell phone and don’t need a house phone, but if you do need one, there are companies like Ooma that offer free phone service if you just buy their device. I used them for years. It’s like $3 per month for taxes. Also get a security system that doesn’t require a subscription. Get one that just needs a wireless connection.
Now for me, I’d skip the cable as well. Subscribing to Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are all cheaper than having a cable bill every month, even if it’s on promotion. No commercials (except for Hulu) and you can watch on your own time, can’t beat that!

– Don’t get the top tier internet. 100mbps or something around there is perfect and if it’s Spectrum, it’s their base package. I got around 130mbps and I only paid $42 per month for a year. Even after that it went to $62 which still wasn’t bad and since I knew I was about to move I just left it at that.

So let’s do the math, Internet $42 + Prime $10 + Netflix $13 (for their mid-tier package you can go cheaper) + Hulu $8 + Ooma $3= $76/mo

So that’s it. Armed with this knowledge you can permanently cut your cable, internet, and phone prices each month.

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  4. G Wright on June 23, 2021 at 12:15 am

    I’m in Charlotte. I use Windstream. And pay $78 just for the internet. But I rent their equipment and also pay per month for “internet security”- for hackers, virus etc. sounds like I can definitely do better. Spectrum is here but wow if I can get anywhere near their promotional deal with what I have I’ll stick with Windstream.

  5. Jolene on June 23, 2021 at 12:15 am

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    Way we watch TV has forever changed for the better. Stay Safe.

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    I love that the "transcript" is included in this video along with the notes. Really helped me a lot, I am moving into a small apartment and did not see the need for expensive internet. I have watched so many videos and read so many reviews and only walked away with a little information that could potentially help me. Your video went into depth about all my questions and more.Thank you

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