Important Safety Checks For Your Household Appliances

Important Safety Checks For Your Household Appliances

In this video, Amy shares some handy safety tips that will help keep the appliances around your home safer.

In rare but serious cases, your household appliances can develop faults which can cause fires or make them dangerous to use. A well-maintained appliance is a safer appliance so watch this video for top tips on how to look after your machines and your home.

A very important piece of safety advice is to make sure that none of your appliances have been recalled. Why not check out our video on the link below? It gives you all you need to know about appliance recalls to help keep your appliances safe:

If you have gas appliances, always make sure you get them serviced or repaired by an engineer on the gas safe register. You can check this online on the gas safe website by clicking on this link:

We’d recommend having a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm installed on every floor of your home. We do sell these on our website so why not pop over to the below page to get your hands on one of them:

You can also have a look at our handy playlist of safety videos right below to get even more clued up on the safety of your household appliances:

Please don’t ignore the warning signs your appliance is giving you. If you smell burning, see sparks or hear unusual noises when running your appliances, investigate straight away. We also advise against using your appliances while you’re away from home or asleep so you can react quickly in the rare case that something goes wrong.

Keep your appliances and your home as safe as possible!

Want to skip straight to the information you need? Here’s what we talk about in each part of our video:

0:00 Introducing the video
0:31 How to check if an appliance is approved by BS/EU standards
0:43 Why it’s important to keep your appliances clean
1:04 Safety tips when plugging appliances into sockets
1:35 Ensure you are present when running appliances
1:56 How to check if an appliance has been recalled
2:23 Suggested video: What are appliance recalls?
2:27 Gas repairs safety
2:57 Smoke alarms available on eSpares
3:07 Do you have a fire evacuation plan?
3:41 Suggested playlist: Important home appliance safety checks

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