Install a GPS anti theft devices for electric cars

In 2010, Lu Chang began to invest substantial human and material resources to carry out the Google Android system-based navigation research and development, through repeated testing and optimization, Lu Chang Chang An navigation was launched. Play the greatest potential to make this section the Andrews system navigation, the use of top-level configuration of the industry, the the Freescale A8iMX51800MHz processor DDR2512MB memory, run multiple applications. “The company said.

South Korea’s Samsung Electro-Mechanics Car Electronics Co., Ltd. China Jiangxi Division Manager Zhang Wei told reporters, launched by Samsung automotive electronics board 3G Internet navigation system, has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with China Telecom. The system uses the A8 core CPU running speed is 1.5 times more than the ordinary car navigation, support for 3D dynamic HD display, and supports multi-tasking. “He also told reporters that with the development of information technology and the popularity of intelligent, intelligent The navigation system may replace the DVD navigation.

 It is understood that the domestic well-known automotive electronics business Excelle electronics, recently released its latest Andrews platform Series 90. Responsible person of the company: hardware, high-performance CortexA8 processor, built-in high-capacity iNAND is; support Android2.2 system can be upgraded to a higher version to support the 3G network, support external USB 3G mobile phone for wireless Internet 3D photo navigation. “

 Electric cars are cheap, convenient means of transport, now the streets can see the shadow of the electric car, but let the public annoyance is more and more, the car thieves, the electric car was stolen repeatedly occurred, in which each owner of the stolen The number of not less than 2 times. In fact, the car thieves of the modus operandi often is picking a lock or vehicle removed. This article is to collect, analyze, sort out the following four book “greatly enhance your vehicle security system.

    Select a safe parking place, the thief will not patronize the vehicle. Electric cars parked in unattended parking spots or garages. If not near such a place, then the car is parked in the place to themselves or others is easy to see local people coming and going parked, car thieves can not with impunity to start.

    Electric bicycle is equipped with a robust lock, the best choice for some arc staggered lock, the key to the mouth is round, the lock cylinder structure, if real, hard plastic or zinc alloy lock cylinder is extremely solid, which The price of a lock is 2-3 times the normal lock. In addition, the selection of chain or wire lock, the best choice to work better, thicker, so that car thieves would be difficult in a short time they clamp off.

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