Lockdown Safe Accessories

Lockdown Safe Accessories

Jeff with Safe & Vault Store.com shares information on our NEW Lockdown Safe Accessories, including Hidden Storage Shelf, Dehumidifier Rod, Lockdown Puck Wifi Safe Monitor Alarm System, and Hygrometer.

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Hi, this is Jeff with SafeandVaultStore.com to share a little information on our new product, Lockdown Safe Accessories.

Having a shelf on your wall that acts as a decoration but also concealment is a great solution to security needs. You can hide your important items such as jewelry, watches, necklaces, bracelets, handguns, and more. Holds up to 20 pounds maximum on the shelf. The Lockdown is In Plain Sight Concealment Shelf that is easy to open. You just use the included magnet and swipe it over the hidden magnet latch. The hidden compartment will swing down using the hydraulic lift.

Imagine coming home from a nice long vacation. You open your gun safe only to find full moisture and mildew. Your guns, valuables, and contents, including paperwork, could be damaged or destroyed. The Lockdown Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod is the perfect solution to prevent this from happening. The dehumidifier rod dries up to approximately 100 cubic feet. It is designed to eliminate musty smells and dampness and prevent mold inside your safe.

The Lockdown Puck WiFi Safe Monitor Alarm System has an open and closed sensor that uses the included sensor magnet. The Puck will detect when your safe door is open or closed and will send you an alert to your phone. Another way to make your safe smart with the Lockdown Puck is the tampering and vibration detector. The Puck will detect tampering motion impacts. This means if someone attempts to break into your safe or vault, the Puck will detect motion and send it to your phone.

Humidify is damaging to your guns, valuables, and paperwork. Plus, it can cause other issues such as mold. With the Lockdown Digital Hygrometer, you can monitor both the temperature and humidity inside your safe to make sure the contents are protected. You can even record minimum and maximum values. The Lockdown Digital Hygrometer has a little stand that you can sit on a shelf inside your safe to easily see when you open the door. It also has a magnetic mounting option.

The Lockdown Accessories are a great addition to your security needs. This is Jeff from SafeandVaultStore.com. Thank you for watching.

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