Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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Let’s take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In 2022! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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  1. Amina Islam on April 25, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    I just bought the note 9 grade B from cex midnight black. And I gotta say, its pretty good for my non qritique arse 😌🤭🤫😏

  2. Ivan Decimus on April 25, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    Still using mine after quite some time and I could say that it still holds up well.
    Just need to change the battery because its really degraded since I do game a lot on it….
    The only thing is the camera… Its a good camera for its time but as time goes by,
    the camera is lacking in some departments especially in the Pro mode…
    I really want the exposure time to go to 30 secs and ISO up to 3200-6400 because of astrophotography reasons xD
    But overall, the phone is still really good especially since it has no notches, still has the headphone jack, AND still has the MicroSD card slot
    If not mistaken there is a custom rom (Noble Rom) that ports over ONE UI 3.1/ 4 only for the Exynos models
    Hope this helps with a few people who still considers getting the Legendary Galaxy Note 9 :3

  3. mohamed sani on April 25, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    the last iris scanner phone by samsung

  4. Charming Peasant on April 25, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    It’s a 4 year old phone, of course it’s software will get outdated as it loses support.
    Anyone who buys an older phone should be aware of that and dont care about it.
    It’s about how it performs overall that i care about.

  5. Keliana Samuel on April 25, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    Can a note 9 have 64gb?

  6. osama elansary on April 25, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    I love it, however i have a new iPhone i still have it and love it so much

  7. MC Asians on April 25, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    Still going strong with my S9+
    Its can play pubg at 60fps and many other games 🙂

  8. M on April 25, 2022 at 6:54 pm

    It is still worth it to buy Samsung Note 10, or even Note 9 in 2022.
    From sales & technical perspective, it is best to upgrade to the newest version of everything to promote sales of a products.
    From buyers’ perspective, being practical is the most important.

  9. Golgo 13 on April 25, 2022 at 6:54 pm

    I bought the s22U, and played with it for a little. The screen is bigger, it’s heavier, and it takes great pictures. Guess which phone I went back to? 🤔

  10. Yo Yo on April 25, 2022 at 6:54 pm

    Lol I got the note 20 Ultra but I miss my note 9. I hate the hole punch in N20U so I might rebuy the Note 9. I’m only on YouTube and TikTok so I don’t need it to be powerful.

  11. abc def on April 25, 2022 at 6:55 pm

    I seccond the review. A Note 9 ages well, but is aging. If it works well just hang on a little. When the new models launch the 20 models will be cheaper.

  12. MyLateDroid101 D on April 25, 2022 at 6:56 pm

    Still got mine, kinda of a shame that Samsung is so lowzy with updates.

  13. xfrtej on April 25, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Who remember thundercloud ad

  14. Shukov on April 25, 2022 at 7:01 pm

    Still use it and i love mine.

  15. Carsten Hilbert on April 25, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    I bought one refurbished one but it turned out to have the green screen problem.

  16. Chaychay on April 25, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    I have my note 9 for 4 years now and its absolutely amazing but the screen is damaged a lot and Im thinking of upgrading,, would note 10 still be worth it at 2022?

  17. Knight King on April 25, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Im still using the note 9 and still have 100gb still perform like a note 10.

  18. Vladimir Todorović on April 25, 2022 at 7:04 pm

    Don’t update.

  19. Vinyl Monkey on April 25, 2022 at 7:04 pm

    Still worth every penny. You get a great DAC, Dual speakers, 8gb ram ir 6gb (still enough) DEX (Turn it into a proper desktop PC) The screen, Headphone jack, Spen and so on and so on. If you don’t have the money for a new ultra then this is the phone to you. Its a must buy today and if you think its not you’re mental.

    OK its got the bezels, but I personally like a bit of bezel as your not touching the screen all the time. Its a masterpiece. Especially if your not into photos and just want the odd screenshot. Lets not forget the camera is great, ok its not OP like what the point in having all those megapixels on a camera to look at on a screen. This is for the tik tok people.
    Remember this wasnt aimed at them it was aimed at a business phone with all the features you need.

    Its still getting security updates as of march 2022 as Ive just got one today and it will get a few more. If you want a phone for a great price, a headphone jack, a DAC better than 99.9% of phones now and then, its a must get. I mean you can get this for about 200 or less now. The only downside is that it will become unprotected once the updates stop, but im using mine till it does that or something happens. It has been the only phone Ive had that Ive not upgraded on my contract in 25 years.

    I still love mine and have a DEX station that is amazing. 8gb for a phone is plenty. I mean do you want it better than your home PC? I still love the Spen and Samsung made a classic here. If I get bored of the look of it i get a new case and renew the screen protector and change the icons. Its served me so well since I got it. 10/10.

    If you are thinking about getting it then get it, but like he says the updates will stop so it would be a great phone for a year or so if youre waiting for for a better new flagship or cant afford it. Plus you can be some bezel snob haha.

  20. Jaren Lim on April 25, 2022 at 7:04 pm

    Still using a Samsung Note 9, and have not seen a reason to upgrade so far! In fact, a recent upgrade I did was getting a Staedler Noris Digital Jumbo as my new S-pen alternative !

  21. Shazidul Islam on April 25, 2022 at 7:05 pm

    the last true note

  22. SonsOfAlan on April 25, 2022 at 7:09 pm

    I still love it. I had switched to the Note 10+ but quickly returned it and went back to the Note 9. My unit is still fast and battery is still doing ok, despite being almost 3 years old. Photos were better on the 10+, but I love this no compromise phone. Thinking about replacing the battery and keeping it for at least one more year

  23. Chillzone Infinity on April 25, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    Anyone here have a note 9

  24. CrazyPlayer51251 on April 25, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    Note9 is the best, it still has everything. The newer phones dont have everything, F.

  25. Roasted Rajmaa on April 25, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    Its the best phone samsung made … the finger print sensor u think is weird us perfect ….. using it since the day it came out no issues at all ! Other than the better canera in new phones now and 130 hz screen … there is nothing bad with it the screen

  26. Kai Liu Visual on April 25, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    Just bought one renewed on amazon 512gb for $330. Will see if the screen and speed is good. I do not play game. I watch youtube, take pic and video. Screen and storage are the most important to me. The value now is crazy. And somehow note 10 does not have micro sd card slot and the screen back to 1080p.

  27. DaMacMachine 4U on April 25, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    Note 9 till I Die… or it dies preferably. Wish someone would hack the Snapdragon 845 for Android 10. The Last Real Note 📝 A true legend of a phone 📱

  28. soulofthedammed on April 25, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    £300 vs £1200 wouldn’t recommend! Someone’s paid off

  29. ghostmanriding on April 25, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    I’m still using the Note 9 in April 2022, and it is still working flawlessly. I like it so much I just bought a second new one and I used smart switch to mirror it so I have a backup reasy to go.

  30. Galaxy Tab7plus on April 25, 2022 at 7:17 pm

    Samsung could easily update it with android 12 and beyond…. but then you wouldn’t be interested in their future Note devices…. right? This note 9 is still really good, beautiful sound and display, no camera bump, it was really big then, but now it looks very slim compared with all phablet models nowadays

  31. Life on April 25, 2022 at 7:19 pm

    It’s criminal the Note 9 doesn’t get software updates anymore. It’s perfectly capable. Shame on Samsung ripping people off like they are. They need to get it together. They keep taking away features and trying to be 🍎 Apple. It’s getting annoying.

  32. Father Finger on April 25, 2022 at 7:19 pm


  33. MartinLackie on April 25, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    My main phone is my iPhone 12 but I still have my note 9 that I use for my love for android, I couldn’t have only an iPhone or only an android. So having both there has come in handy many times, the note 9 in my opinion is still a beast and I’ll use it for a long time to come. Put a ROM on it and it’ll be current again I wouldn’t say the note feels out dated at all really.

  34. Tigger Smith on April 25, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    Downgraded from 10 to 9 for one reason only, the placement of the fingerprint sensor! Phone fires up ever time, so much easier, the 1 was a mare when it came to recognizing finger or "face does not match"…no such issues with the 9.

  35. Konnor Wolf on April 25, 2022 at 7:21 pm

    Note 9 is still going strong. I strongly dislike notches and hole punch cameras and will not buy a phone with such a design flaw. The bezels are fine and running quite well.

  36. Juan Carlos on April 25, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    My boy broke my s21 ultra. Just ordered a note9 for quick replacement 😶

  37. Murder Gorilla on April 25, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    still using a note 9 3.5 years later.

  38. ღSwnsasyღ _ on April 25, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    Omgosh! Slow down!! Lol

  39. مصطفى خليل on April 25, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    كم السعر

  40. Ms.McCoy on April 25, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    Man I still love my Note 9❤️ I had the Note 10+ and Note 20 Ultra 5G, didn’t like the fact that your paying more for less SMH…. And I still like the fact of having a headphone jack, expandable memory and fingerprint on the back instead of n the screen, and I love the iris scanner and the notification LED light ❤️ so back to my Note 9❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. nemac23 on April 25, 2022 at 7:30 pm

    "newer phone better"

  42. Joey Bud on April 25, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    I just can’t agree with this video. Whether it gets software updates or not. The difference between this and the Note 10 / 10 Plus is 100-200 dollars. For a backup phone or a budget device this phone is just an unreal deal.

  43. StarWarsAndMoreArt on April 25, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    Is Galaxy Note 9 better than Moro G Power?

  44. ilandmassive on April 25, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    This guy gives great, informative reviews. In terms of that, that pretty much covers it up there.

  45. I am Free on April 25, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    i have the iphone 12 mini but the battery life could be better this is why im getting a note 9 thru verizon and on the note 9 battery life is better with samsung divice i dont wanna have to be charging my phone as often and the note 9 fit my needs

  46. Kwesi Williams on April 25, 2022 at 7:37 pm

    For most people, the Note 9 will be a fabulous phone. Of course if you get the newer phones, you’ll have a longer time with software updates. You just have to ask yourself if it matters. I can tell you now that I upgraded from the Note 9 to now the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Trust me when I tell you that you won’t be disappointed with the Note 9. Honestly, the only reason why I traded in my Note 9 was because I was experiencing slight burn-in. That phone was ahead of its time and I would highly recommend that phone for most people.

  47. Dα. мёииα on April 25, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    Nice l thought I’d have to wait awhile longer to find an updated review! Great vid

  48. chicken hawk farmstead on April 25, 2022 at 7:40 pm

    After the last 2 updates mine has seem to slowdown and the battery life is going down hill fast now.

  49. MR ẞ on April 25, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    I’m still using it and it’s still smooth but not as new

  50. 12Gersian Boro on April 25, 2022 at 7:42 pm

    I have note 9 docomo is a fake phone ?

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