Silver City Appliances bad Installation Spring Valley NY Yelp review

Silver City Appliances bad Installation Spring Valley NY Yelp review

Installation gone wrong, Silver City recommended Dun-rite Appliance installers ( cant find on internet, just a house)has no letterhead, I wonder how they pay taxes, to install this Dacor stove. Was told by Silver City Spring Valley NY, told that it would cost about $500 to install. The installers came at 3pm stayed to 11pm and sort of held us up by giving us a hand written invoice at 11.00 pm for $900.00. this was not a time to start an argument. I paid it with a check. I then had another person come and install it for another $300.00. After a couple of cert. letters to Silver City they got Dun-Rite to refund $405.00. the math is still cost me $800.00 dollars……… recommendation, buyer beware at Silver City Appliances. Took Bruce Rabinowitz about two months to get us the refund. Then because the installer used a recipricating sawzall on the down vent he traumatized the on off switch, warranty covered that. they should have been responsable and professional, check out yelp.

Silver City and Bruce were not professional and should have stepped to the plate immediately.

I now use PC Richards and Micheals Middletown NY

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  1. Bruce R on January 2, 2022 at 2:02 pm

    Hi my Name is Bruce Rabinowitz I’m the Manger of Silver City Appliances . this Gentleman purchased the appliances from Silver City . My transaction with this went well I sold him what he needed and helped research what would work the best for the replacement of his old Thremador Cook top and down draft !  Silver City Appliances had nothing to do with the install of the units . We have installers that we can recommend they do not work for Silver City . We did our job in a professional manner helping this gentleman get the right units to replace his appliances that were discontinued . It was his responsibility for picking the installer Silver city did its job in supplying this gentleman with the right Appliances for his needs . In a phone conversation with me the gentleman said we were a pleasure to work with and was going to take it up with the installer . WE DID NOTHING WRONG !!!!!!!

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