Smart Home 🏑 Appliances Gadgets 😍 New Kitchen Items Only 4 U

Smart Home 🏑 Appliances Gadgets 😍 New Kitchen Items Only 4 U

Smart Home 🏑 Appliances Gadgets 😍 New Kitchen Items Only 4 U
ghar sansar


(01) A1 quality Mini heat sealer machine

(02) Acupressure dual roller for finger massage

(03) Aluminum oil proof – self adhesive kitchen paper

(04) Flexible brush for toilet (every germs will death)

(05) Vegetable storage rack

(06) Auto magnetic cup (no need to self rotate)

(07) Dual shaker bottles

(08) Best Window cleaning sponge

(09) Carrying handle for pregnant and old people (*PRO*)

(10) Popcorn maker machine

(11) Mobile holder while you sleep

(12) Fancy Window black film

(13) Endless matches with keychain

(14) Multifunctional Scissor

(15) USB charging cable Protector

(16) Face protector glass

(17) Self adhesive mirror sheet

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