Sony A90J OLED TV Review | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Sony A90J OLED TV Review | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Sony A90J OLED TV Review | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

What’s up guys and welcome back! So let’s talk about OLEDs and specifically the Sony A90J OLED. This is part of Sony’s line of Bravia XR Master Series OLED TVs and it comes in a 55”, 65” and a 83”.

Sony being one of the most popular manufacturers of OLED TV’s it comes as no surprise that their new OLED TV is causing a lot of noise early on. With lots of features that are packed into this beast, it’s pretty safe to believe in the hype. So let’s get down to it.

Let’s start off by looking at the overall aesthetics of this TV. Sony has gone out of their way to keep true to the OLED Design and keep it as thin as possible. What they have elected to do is to spread out all the internals across the width of the TV as thin as they possibly could and it works really well. It’s pretty safe to say that when mounted to a wall it should look absolutely stunning.

In terms of its overall appearance there really isn’t anything to improve on. The way the A90J sits or is mounted it really is a stunning piece of work.

Now let’s move on to the visual components. The near infinite contrast ratio thanks to the A90J’s OLED panel can produce perfect blacks and looks very deep especially when situated in a dark room.

In addition to this, the screen itself handles reflections really well. It is able to handle indirect and direct light very well. Making it work in both dark and moderately lit areas as well!

The A90J has a native refresh rate of 120 htz, and is compatible with consoles that can push 4K@120 with HDR.

The overall picture quality is amazing, displaying crystal clear 4K video, and has a wide colour gamut. With near perfect coverage of the DCI P3 color space and a wide range within REC 2020 as well, this means vibrant and exceptional color for your watching enjoyment. This will work great for HDR formats that the A90J supports which includes HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and HLG.

Sony has also implemented their Cognitive Processor XR in the A90J along with other models such as the A80J and the X90J! Sony states that with this processor they are the world’s first cognitive intelligence TVs.

So how does this work exactly, well the way we perceive the world is based on information coming from our eyes and ears to our brain at the same time. Conventional AI can only detect and analyze elements like colour, contrast and detail individually. Cognitive Processor XR can cross-analyze every element at once, just as our brains do.

This way it can create this closer-to-reality feeling, Cognitive Processor XR divides the screen into hundreds of zones and recognizes individual objects in these zones better than ever before. What’s more, they can cross-analyze around a few hundred thousand different elements that make up a picture in a second, the same way that our brains work.

Unlike more conventional TVs where all picture elements are adjusted to the same level, BRAVIA XR TVs with cross-analyzation adjust each element to its best final outcome, in conjunction with each other, so everything is in harmony and feels totally natural. Giving each frame that you watch more realistic and immersive.

Next lets talk about the connections the A90J offers.

The inputs on the A90J are laid out as such. It has a total of 4 HDMI inputs with HDMI 3 and 4 being HDMI 2.1. ARC and eARC are supported as well. It also has 3 USB inputs, 1 Digital optical Audio Out,1 tuner, and an ethernet port as well.

One unique option with the A90J is the ability to use your TV as a center channel! At the back of the TV there are terminals for speaker wire, and if you change the audio setting on the A90J you will be able to convert your TV to a designated center channel.

All in all the Sony A90J is one breast one a TV, with a display that handles motion exceptionally well and a wide color gamut for all your HDR content, it really is no surprise Sony has come out of the gate strong this year with their OLEDs.

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