Soundbar Review and Guide | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Soundbar Review and Guide | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Soundbar Review and Guide | Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

Soundbars are inherently becoming the perfect solution for lots of homes. With more and more improvements they have become shockingly efficient. If you don’t necessarily have the space needed for a full home theater, soundbars are the perfect solution for any space. So we’re breaking down how to pick the right soundbar today with the new generation of soundbars!

So the very first thing we should talk about is the Form and size of the soundbar. In the past we mainly had 2 options to pick from and that was either a soundbar or a soundbase. This might no longer be the case, because of the developments that soundbars have seen in the past few years. More commonly now we are seeing less options available for Soundbases as soundbars have become more popular due mainly to the more compact design of soundbars and their capabilities.

One of those factors is the size of the soundbar. Try and keep the soundbar within the width of your TV for aesthetics purposes. In a perfect world both the soundbar and the TV would be the same width but with that being said it is best to use your discretion and make sure it doesn’t pull too much from the screen itself.

Next let’s talk about the channels to have on a soundbar. Obviously with any good sound system you would want as many channels as you can without compromising the quality of the sound. There are soundbars with 2 channels out there but if it is possible the best option is to go for something with at least 3 channels. With this option you can get more of the surround sound experience making for a much more immersive sound experience. Although it is worthwhile noting that in some instances with the right processor and design there are a couple 2.1 channel soundbars out there that just might do the trick. With advancements in DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, some of the smaller 2.1 channel soundbars might just do the trick if you’re balling on a budget.

Moving on from the channels we should also talk about some of the specs to look for! First and foremost let’s talk about HDMI connectivity. Hooking your soundbar up with your TV’s ARC input with an HDMI is going to be the simplest and easiest way to set up your soundbar. This the HDMI you’ll be able to carry over a 5.1 channel over with ease in almost any scenario. This is going to be the easiest and more surefire way to guarantee great connections with multichannel soundbars.

Take for example the Bluesound Soundbar+ with its WIFI connectivity along with BLUOS, an advanced multi-room audio software, it allows you to access and stream lossless music to every room in your home. Users can locate music anywhere on a home network, cloud music service or Internet radio station, and share it with any BluOS enabled music system. BluOS also allows custom integrators to connect, manage and control networked music in a smart home with support for 3rd party integrations.

In some circumstances we have soundbars that come with the entire package! Like the Klipsch Cinema 1200! This unique soundbar comes with not only the Soundbar and Subwoofer. It also provides you with 2 rear speakers for a much more balanced and mind blowingly immersive experience. You get a true surround sound experience along with Dolby Atmos for an amazing system that comes all in one package.

And lastly we have Ecosystems that can be built out! This is probably one of my favorites. If we take for example the Sonos ecosystem, we have a multitude of options! First we can start off with an amazing soundbar in the Sonos Beam Gen 2 that can provide a Dolby Atmos experience. This is an amazing sound bar that offers a ton in a pretty compact design. If you want to learn more about the Beam check out the link that should be popping up now! From this starting point you can go with a few different options. You could add a Sonos Sub to get more from the lower ends or you could also go with a couple Sonos Ones and One SLs to add as your surround. Maybe you already have a couple Sonos Fives for a Stereo setup, you could change them up to be your surrounds as well! The ability to build up to a full home theater setup with an ecosystem can be very attractive and might be the perfect option when it comes to the big picture.

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