Test and Tag a 3 Phase Appliance – Part 1

Test and Tag a 3 Phase Appliance – Part 1

Part 1 Video – Earth Bond & Insulation Resistance
Part 2 Video – Earth Bond & Leakage test: http://bit.ly/14YkAYD

In order to Test and Tag a 3 Phase Appliance, there are three tests you can perform: an Earth Bond (essential), Insulation Resistance and Leakage Test.

After conducting a visual inspection, we’ll use our Portable Appliance Tester and adaptor to perform our tests. For this video we’ve used an adaptor that tests all 3 phases as one.

1) Plug the adapter into the PAT Tester
2) Place the 20amp motor into the 20amp socket of the adaptor
3) Place the earth lead from the tester onto an exposed metal part of the 3 Phase appliance
4) Switch the appliance to the ON position

You can now start by choosing a Class I test (majority of 3 Phases are Class I). This will then perform an Earth Bond and Insulation test.

– The Earth Bond test requires less than 1 Ω to pass
– The Insulation Resistance test requires a minimum of 1 MΩ


  1. Bruce Edwards on December 24, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    Hi Matt, this test may well be fine for the earth continuity test, but given that from what I can see, that motor is under the control of a contactor it will not work for IR testing of the motor. This being the case this test will only IR test to the incoming side of the contactor. The motor windings and any leakage on the incoming supply to the motor will only occur if the contactor was activated, or the contactor was operated manually. Your next live leakage test would suffice, given that Test and Tag testers are not permitted to open equipment.

  2. troy zounis on December 24, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    Will the appliance loss current if the prongs have been bent?

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