"Video Games + Quarantine" | Here We Are Podcast #280 | Shane Mauss & Shawn Green

"Video Games + Quarantine" | Here We Are Podcast #280 | Shane Mauss & Shawn Green

Shane talks with Professor Shawn Green about the concerns and benefits of playing video games during a pandemic and how they can fill voids and give people a sense of autonomy and control.

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Stand-up comedian, adventurer and science enthusiast Shane Mauss has been interviewing scientists each week since 2014. Originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin this former factory worker skipped college to become a comedian. His stand up has been on Comedy Central, Conan, Kimmel, Showtime, and Epix https://bit.ly/shaneTV . In the age of podcasting, more people might be familiar with him as a guest on Trussell, Holmes, Kreischer, Vaughn, Maron, or Rogan https://bit.ly/shaneguest.

Compelled to talk about bigger ideas, he now travels to universities around the world (when there isn’t a pandemic) to interview researchers on a journey to learn what makes us who we are…as well as a bunch of other random stuff you never imagined you would care about.
Favorite topics include: psychology, biology, evolution, cognitive biases, behavioral economics, mating, animal behavior, neuroscience, entheogens and consciousness.

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